Eric Laputka

NY/NJ Area | | 908-300-1572 |

I am a University of Connecticut alumni looking for an opportunity to pursue my passion for game design. I am talented in game design, level design, coding, virtual reality, and environmental art. Look through to see what I've done so far.


Playnet Inc.

WWII Online/Chokepoint, Game Designer & Environmental Artist: 2023-Present

Pyrebug Studios

Various Projects, Game Designer: 2020-2024


Mojmi, 3D Modeling, Application Designer: Late 2023-2024

EcoPeace Middle East

Wisdom of Water, Lead Game Designer: 2022

The University of Connecticut

Gatekeeper, Game Designer: 2022

Games Produced

  • Pizza Time- Unity, C#, Blender
  • Chokepoint Unreal 5, C++, Substance Painter, Blender, Github
  • Wisdom of Water- Unity, C#, Substance Painter, 3DS Max, Github
  • A Touch of Sugar- Godot, GSscript, Blender
  • Match Breakers Unity, C#, Github
  • Gatekeeper- Unity, C#, Substance Painter, 3DS Max, Github
  • Scrapshoot- Unity, C#, Adobe Suite
  • Beettalion- Unity, C#, Blender
  • Castle Adventure- Roblox Studios, Lua


Bachelor of Fine Arts - Digital Media & Design with a concentration in Game Design - University of Connecticut - GPA of 3.72 - 2022




+1 908-300-1572